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Semi-automatic's... are they killing machines?

Ian S. Seitel, attorney, Ian Seitel P.A.

Last week: I have never professed to be a constitutional law scholar. Nevertheless I continue to assert that my inherent right not to be a victim of gun violence outweighs one's right to possess a semi-automatic killing machine, especially if the gun toter is on a terrorist watch list, which prevents him from boarding airplanes but doesn't ban him from buying assault rifles. The only logical solution to combat mass murders is to make it more difficult to commit. Unfortunately, we are saddled with politicians either too greedy or cowardly to pass any meaningful gun control legislation.

Looking ahead: Donald Trump used the Orlando tragedy as an opportunity for political gain by renewing his call to ban Muslim immigration. He continues to misrepresent facts, describing the perpetrator as "an Afghan," although he was born in New York. How much mileage Trump gets from his continued play to fear and hate is yet to be seen.

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